Orthopedic Treatment For Trigger Finger

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Trigger Finger is a common ailment that causes the fingers to snap and get stuck in the palm. It is a form of tendinitis involving the hand and occurs mostly in the thumb, middle and ring finger. People suffering from this condition complain of the finger stuck in the palm when they wake up. The term “Trigger Finger” is named so because of the snapping sensation that occurs when the finger is straightened. Due to inflammation, the normal gliding action of the tendons is affected, which causes the joint to freeze. This condition is most common in diabetics and women.


  • Trigger Fingers are sometimes associated with medical conditions such as rheumatoid arthritis, diabetes and gout.
  • It can also be caused due to local trauma to the palm or base of the finger.
  • Activities that strain the hand can also cause this condition.


  • Stiffness in fingers, particularly in morning
  • Popping or clicking sensation when the finger is moved
  • Tenderness in the affected finger
  • Pain when the finger is straightened
  • Finger catches or locks in a bent position
  • It might affect one or more fingers and sometimes both hands


The treatment for Trigger Finger is aimed at eliminating the catching or locking to allow for free movement without any discomfort. Resting the finger by wearing a splint is helpful in relieving the pain. Anti-inflammatory medications, physical therapy and finger exercises help in reducing the pain. However, the most common treatment is injecting steroids into the tendon sheath. Generally, two injections are needed to resolve the problem.
If the problem still persists, surgery may be required. In this, the opening of tunnel is widened so that the tendon is able to slide through it easily. Local anesthesia is used to numb the hand and a small incision is needed to perform the surgery.

Though some people can move their hands immediately after surgery, there can be soreness in the hand which can be reduced by raising the hand above heart level. Complete recovery can be expected within a few weeks and it might take some months for the stiffness and swelling to go away.

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