Scaphoid Fracture Of The Wrist: Orthopedic Treatment In Plano

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The scaphoid, also known as the carpal navicular, is one of the eight small bones that make up the carpal bones in the wrist. A fracture in this bone is the most common kind of wrist fracture. It can be caused due to a sudden blow or abrupt landing on an outstretched hand. It can occur to anyone at any age but is most common in gymnasts and shot putters.


  • Falls: Falling on an outstretched hand can lead to a traumatic injury in the wrist. Falls can apply a great amount of pressure on the bones and may cause cracks in the scaphoid.
  • Repetitive stress: Overuse of the scaphoid bone while activities like writing, leaning on the wrist while sitting or standing can lead to straining of the muscles and harm the ligaments of the joint and also cause fractures.
  • Accidents: Severe traumas like motor cycle accidents car collisions can also cause injuries related to the wrist including Scaphoid Fracture.


  • Pain on the thumb side of the wrist
  • Swelling and tenderness
  • Bruises around the wrist
  • Difficulty in grabbing or holding objects
  • Reduced range of motion


The doctor inquires about the patient‘s medical history and how the injury occurred. He may physically examine the joint to look for symptoms like tenderness and swelling. Imaging tests like X-rays can also be suggested to determine the severity of the injury. Sometimes a Scaphoid Fracture may not be visible in X-ray. In such cases, the doctor may also order an MRI or a CT- scan.


  • Cast: The orthopedic doctor may suggest the patient to put the hand in a cast to restrict motion of the wrist. The cast may be worn for 9-12 weeks or as prescribed by the doctor to let the joint heal completely.
  • Medication: The doctor may also prescribe some anti-inflammatory medications which can help in minimizing pain and swelling in the joint. Calcium supplements can also be recommended to build bone strength and speed up the healing process.
  • Physical Therapy: The patient may be suggested to attend physical therapy sessions in order to build muscle strength and regain mobility in the joint. Physical therapy can also be helpful in reducing stiffness in the wrist.

An orthopedic doctor should be consulted as soon as possible for a Scaphoid Fracture or it can lead to severe health conditions like Arthritis.

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